If Only for a While

If only for a while 
Gonna put my feet up 
If only for a while 
Gonna rest my mind 
Cause there's things I've seen 
There's things I've done 
I still carry through time 

Before I walk this road 
Gonna sit in sunshine 
Before I walk this road 
Gonna find a friend 
Cause there's those I've loved 
There's those I've lost 
It all comes back again 

Can't stop the river's running 
Sun and moon still take their turns 
It happens all the time is what we say 
Still, the Mississippi ends 
Empties into oblivion 
Under somebody's last sunset every day 

Before I close my eyes 
Wanna tell my children 
Before I close my eyes 
I'll plant it in their minds 
"You wield too much light 
To fear the dark 
Wherever your road winds"

This song almost didn't make the EP. It was written very quickly, and it's a simple song. I guess I didn't take it seriously as a result. When I was considering leaving it off, my wife and others said I had to put it on the EP. I'm glad I listened, as it's probably my favorite track on the record now.

I wrote it after watching the very long but amazing Tom Petty doc Runnin' Down a Dream on Netflix. You need to watch this if you haven't already. I was inspired and annoyed that he is so masterful as a songwriter.

It's funny that without thinking much about what you're singing as you're making up the words, the song can still hold together. This is not how I usually write. Most of the time I labor away at shaping what I want to say and revise, revise, revise. There's a time for that, but sometimes it's best to just get out of the way and let the song out. That is truly a mysterious thing.

When we were recording it, Joe Gilder kept singing Macy Gray in my headphones before takes as I was trying to record guitar. He sounded just like her. After hearing him do this a handful of times, I just busted out laughing. It was like trying not to laugh in church. The result is the laughter at the beginning of the track.

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