Burned Seafood

David, my little bro, is a chef in New Orleans. I mean, he's legit. A couple of Christmases ago we were at my parents--all my siblings, and their families--and he decided to make gumbo. My dad's family is from Louisiana so we like our gumbo.

Anyway, Dave starts cooking the roux, and he's being pretty aggressive. He's trying to make it as dark as he can without burning it. In the process, he's tossing in all of this amazing seafood. I'm getting super geek-hyped to eat some gumbo at this point.

So stuff starts happening in the kitchen. Maybe the kids distracted him, or maybe he was talking to me. I don't remember. What I do remember is that Dave started freaking out. He was getting red in the face and throwing pans, and the bones in his forehead were poking out like horns!

The roux was burned. Ruined. I felt bad for him (and for me 'cause NO GUMBO) but I wrote lyrics about the situation. Later on I recorded a demo of it. The songs I had written for The Promise at that point were pretty heavy, and I wanted to do something fun and goofy.

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Horns are usually a bad sign
I remember!

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